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The story of the Company

The parent company was established in 2010
  • to protect the environment,
  • reduce Earth's toxic emissions and
  • increase the use of alternative energy
by using solar energy.

Thus we have taken on using a renewable energy like the one based on the discovery of world-famous English scientist William Herschel, namely the ways sunshine warms up the Earth using infrared radiation.

We have been present on the international market since 2016, so our products and professional services are available outside UK in Germany, in Austria, in Hungary, in Slovakia.

Why we are unique

We're not just an electric heater trading company.

We're electric heater specialists who supply you with professional and specialist help to buy exactly what you need from us - nothing more, nothing less.

Actually, if our expertise tells us you need something other than our products, we'll talk you out of buying from us.

We're proud that more than 100,000 people enjoy the benefits of the electric heater systems we provide.

Be it a panel heater, a patio heater, a bathroom heater or even electric underfloor heating film or heating mat.

We have one of the world's biggest electric heater manufacturers build our Tokyo Solar products with the highest quality requirements.

That's why we provide an outstandingly long warranty.

Our customers love us because we don't let them buy anything that's not the best heating system.

We offer the best.

With skill, with responsibility, with care.

Tokyo Solar UK Ltd

Company Number   12062639

Registered address:
77 High Street, Littlehampton, BN17 5AG

4/2 New Lairdship Yards, Edinburgh, EH11 3UY

Phone: 0345 350 3795






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