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Panel Heater can harmonize well

Panel Heater can harmonize well with the style of your home.

When you don't want to restructure your whole home with it torn up for months but you want nice warmth in the freezing winter cold, the best solution is a Panel Heater.

It can be installed in minutes, you simply put the panel heater on the wall, turn it on and it'll warm up your room super fast.
No more cold corners of the room, no more mould, no moisture.
You can put it on the wall or on the ceiling.

Using a Smart Thermostat, you can set it up to only heat when necessary, at a temperature that gives your home a cosy warmth - as if you were burning wood for heating. It's not only one of the best electric heaters but its energy efficient.
It's the best all-round for having an affordable heating bill and not having to sit in a coat or a blanket at home

The panel heater can be mounted on the ceiling or a side wall.It's only 2 cm thick so it stays in harmony with your room and without you noticing it. You can install the panel heater using portrait or landscape orientation.

Thanks to its infrared rays it heats up fast so you don't have to wait for hours for your body to warm up. Just as the sun warms up the earth using infrared radiation, the panel heater warms up your home as if like sunshine. As the infrared panel heater warms you, the objects in the room and the walls - these objects then warm up the air of the room. Thus you already feel nice warmth while the air temperature in the room is lower.

It's similar to what happens when the sun shines in the winter cold. You're not cold under the sun, even though the air is not too warm. Due to the direct heat exchange, its more efficiency is higher than regular heating methods.

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